Yesterday I had the good fortune of spending the day at doggy daycare. It was my first such visit, and I must admit, I was a bit nervous. Mind you, I’ve been to various boarding facilities in the past, some of them decidedly less than 5 star, and of course I’ve spent time carousing at the dog park. But all of these experiences were either in very controlled situations or under the strict watchful eye of my “owner”. Yesterday’s visit, though, well that was something very different.

Barking acceptable

In the first place, in was louder. Much louder. At home, a certain degree of decorum is expected. There is no barking for the sake of barking. Barking means danger is afoot, whether it be in the form of that dodgy-looking man who insists on sticking papers through the slot in the front door, or the young hooligan who rides that infernal wheeled contraption past my window.

At daycare, however, everyone seemed to bark simply for the sake of barking. There was no danger to warn of. No strange intruders. Just packs of dogs milling about and barking their silly heads off.

Personal space

To put it bluntly, there was none. In fact several times I found myself in the midst of something straight from Tijuana.

New friends

Really though, despite the noise and the friendly nature, I did have a smashingly good time. I was able to let down my ears for a day and act like a savage, barking, sniffing, hoisting a leg at anything that didn’t move (and some things that did, naughty naughty!). But I think the best part of the entire experience was the friends I made. Jacks, Cooper, TomTom, and Stella (mmm Stella…), you all made yesterday the most memorable day of my life. Well, other than that day I chased a small child down the street. I can still hear the little screams.